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October 23, 2013
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[CLOSED]Squee Adoptables Batch 2- Forest Squees by Rejuvenesce [CLOSED]Squee Adoptables Batch 2- Forest Squees by Rejuvenesce

A squee is a friendly and sweet animal that is based off squirrels. They can live anywhere in the world and their appearance reflects the place in which they live. In addition, a little tuft of hair at the top of their heads is also based upon where they live. They are extremely resilient creatures; sometimes if their habitat requires it, they may grow wings or other features to survive in it. Females are characterised with braids in their hair, while males don't have any.
From birth, each squee develops a lifelong friendship with a miniature animal companion who also lives in their approximate birthplace.

Squees are a closed species, so please do not trace, recreate, reference or copy the species design unless I have otherwise said you could. Though I do not claim to own squirrel tails, braids or other features of the species alone, the features in cohesion that make up the squee species is designed by me, so please don't copy it //cry

AAAAH HRHGHRNFH I made my first original species >v< I hope you like them.


These squees live in the forest.  They believe their power and luck resides in four leaf clovers, which is why they usually have the emblem on their clothing in some form. There are two main type of forest squees that live in the forest.

The first type are characterised by their elaborate, flowy and/or frilly clothing. They have floral or nature coloured hair, often putting flowers or other accessories such as small lights in their hair, which is why they are often mistaken for fairies or forest sprites. They also tend to use pastel or bright coloured clothing with flowers as accessories. These squees tend to stay near or inside their village.

The second type are characterised by their green or dark clothing of which they use to camouflage in their forest surroundings. These squees are more built for the wild, as they are the squees that scout out enemies or scavange for food.

Both types of forest squees have a green tuft of hair ontop of their heads that resemble a leaf.

Each of the squees companions in this batch include a buttermouse, a cloven, a doehound (bloodhound x deer) and a floral spirit respectively >v<(A cloven is a rare cat-like creature that can be found in clover patches.

YOU CAN USE POINTS OR PAYPAL(I will enable premium content once the auction has ended so that it can be converted :) (Smile) ). $1.00 USD = 100 points.


NOTE: These names are just a starting suggestion; you can change them if you wish >v<

Starblossom(girl) and her buttermouse
OWNER: :icondragonspeaker:

Everglow(girl) and her cloven
OWNER: :icondragonspeaker:

Gladeshadow(boy) and his doehound
OWNER: :iconraeadopts:

Foxfire(boy) and his floral spirit
OWNER: :icondragonspeaker:

Auction ends: Approximately 5 days after this auction is put up. :3 So on the 29th of August sometime~
Snipe Guard - 30 minutes.
I will note you if you are outbid at any time ovo


> Please be serious bidders, don't back out at last minute without telling me or refuse to pay after the auction is over. I am a very understanding person and I don't bite. Just tell me if you cannot pay before the auction ends please.
> There is a 24 hour period after the auction is over where auction winners can pay. If by that time the highest bidders do not pay, I will note the 2nd highest bidder or put back up for auction.
> Please don't bid and win just to resell the designs.
> If you do win, please take care of my babies >v< They were made with love and care, so you should give them love and care as well~
> If you are the highest bidder for any of these designs, I will either note you my paypal if you are paying in USD, or you can pay in the point equivalent($1.00 = 100pt) with the premium content feature which I will enable at the end of auction for you :) (Smile)

UPON PURCHASE(Once you have paid)
> You will receive your new non-watermarked, larger sized, transparent background new bby in a note <3
> Your new bby is yours to keep~ So you have permission to draw squees and have your adoptable commissioned as long as it is just yours~
> All adoptables are lined and coloured properly just like my other art(unless you want me to scribble all over it, then I will)
> You can change their personality, outfits, names etc slightly if you wish to :3, but since they are a species, please try not to change what makes them squees (ie their unique ears, tuft of hair(though you can change where they are from in their specified area), having a miniature animal companion etc)
> You will also have a half price discount for my commissions if you ask me to do any of these adoptable designs (hohoho gives me a chance to do them again) once I reopen my commissions >w<
> Please don't resell them :( (Sad) Treat them like your own new baby~ (unless you're into child trafficking O.O, then shame on you). You can trade them though :) (Smile)
> Give them a good home please.

ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER TO BID IN THE 'BID HERE FOR (certain design)' COMMENT. I don't want to have to sift through all the random comments just to note someone if they have been outbid :( (Sad)
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[CLOSED]Squee Adoptables Batch 2- Forest Squees by Rejuvenesce

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